My doctor has told me to lose weight!   

Sometimes, doctors are reluctant to advise patients to lose weight as they don’t want to cause offence or may not have time to discuss the most suitable diet method.

If your doctor has suggested that you need to lose weight to help your medical condition, you should be encouraged that you can do something positive for your health and use it as a motivation.

Some of the most common medical conditions are caused by or made worse by excess weight.

Dr John Burkitt, the doctor who famously promoted a fibre rich diet said :

‘Western doctors are like poor plumbers. They treat a splashing tap by cleaning up the water. These plumbers are extremely apt at drying up the water, constantly inventing new, expensive, and refined methods of drying up water. Somebody should teach them how to close the tap. 

There is a long list of conditions caused by carrying extra weight, such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

There is an even longer list of ailments which benefit from getting to a healthy weight  i.e.

The answer to a complaint, as Dr Burkitt said, isn’t always pills and operations.  Talking to your doctor or pharmacist about losing weight, exercising more and drinking less alcohol may really help.

Your NewWeigh Pharmacy is always there to help.

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