Do you know your numbers?

There are three health numbers which you should know;

Your Blood Pressure – Normal range 120/80- 140/90 mmHg (aim for the lower end of the range)

Your Total Cholesterol Level – Normal level less than 5mmol/l with LDL less than 3 and HDL greater than 1

Your Body Mass Index (B.M.I.) 20-25 kg/m

Every adult should have a check-up with their G.P every year, even if you feel well. This allows your G.P. to carry out age appropriate examinations as well as checking your three important numbers.

Writing down your 3 numbers means that you are taking responsibility for your own health. If your numbers go outside the normal ranges you can take action get back to a healthy level.

Remember that prevention really is better than cure, so keeping your 3 numbers in the right range is really important for your health. Combining three good numbers with regular exercise, avoiding smoking and not drinking too much alcohol minimises your risk of developing many diseases.

The healthy B.M.I. range is 20-25 and your local NewWeigh Pharmacy can calculate it for you or you can use our B.M.I. calculator link below.  As your B.M.I. increases, so does your risk of getting a weight related illness including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea and joint pain.

Losing even a small amount of weight, 5% or more, will reduce your blood pressure & improve joint pain.

If your B.M.I. is high and you are in the obese range or higher, the task of losing weight can seem impossible. However, losing any amount of weight has health benefits and should encourage you to try.