BMI Calculator

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Calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI)

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a very good indicator of how your weight affects your health. Excess weight increases your risk of many illnesses. The more overweight you are, the greater the risk. Taking responsibility for your own health is the best decision you can make.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)

Calculating your TDEE is useful if you want to estimate how many calories you are consuming before you lose weight. Most people underestimate their daily calorie intake. One of the interesting experiences when patients are on Total Diet Replacement or Meal Replacement Plan is that people realise just how many calories they are consuming from poor eating habits and choices.

When you have finished dieting and reach your target weight you should recalculate your TDEE to give yourself a rough measure of how many calories it takes to maintain your new lower weight.

TDEE is much more useful than metabolic rate calculations as it takes into account individual lifestyle factors. The factors are your height, age, gender, weight and level of activity.

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