IS Your Weight
Affecting Your Health?

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Weight loss improves: Type 2 Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Bladder Control, Indigestion, Fertility, Joint Pains, Life Expectancy, Quality of Life, Surgical Safety, Sleep.

Ask your pharmacist for a Free BMI check and advice on Total Diet Replacement (TDR)

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Meal Replacement Plan Foods

Two Diet Plans to Fit Your Lifestyle

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A flexible way to diet and get your weight under control, with the support and advice of your trained pharmacy.

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What's Your Number?

There are three health numbers you should know

Three good numbers to know – your blood pressure – your cholesterol levels  – your BMI.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) chart is a very good indicator of how your weight affects your health. Excess weight increases your risk of many illnesses.

The more overweight you are the greater the risk. Taking responsibility for your own health is the best decision you can make.

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